The Full Story


Being a mother of 4 children - outside of marriage, working in the male dorminated industry and doing so well, being so liberal and outspoken, having a vain vision to change a part of the world, wanting to speak up the truth, being so adventurous and as some of my friends refer to me -"always wanting to win", does not make me an easy person to deal with. Not for myself and not for everyone else. Still I have this strong conviction that if I would stand up for what I believe in and give everything I do its best shot, the whole world will be in small ways a changed world everyday. 


My mission is to do my best everyday, work on my flaws, communicate without any kind of fear and create acquaintances  in those whose aim is to transform the humanitarian work into meaningful place where :-

- the tick the box attitude is eradicated

- the please the donor attitude is dealt with

- the old fashioned way of important meetings and gatherings without proper actioned points is a thing of the past.


I see a future where access to public health and improvements through our Water Sanitation and Hygiene projects, with support from host governments are serving the genuine interests of the people. I see a potential for eradicating poverty as one of the SDG aims at. I believe that when people are empowered to pay for their services, everything else falls into place. Corruption will be a colonial term of the past.

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