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Placidia Vavirai

Project Manager


+263 712 510 848



2480 Haydon Park, Westgate

Date of Birth:

May 26th, 1981

A Bit About Me

I am a humanitarian worker since 2007 and I started the journey in search for money. I was just running away from the frustrations of earning a wage which would not take me through 30 days. I needed a change, and the change came. Sadly, I realized that the appetite for more was never satisfied and then I had to look back and look down. I realized how privileged I was and how I needed to change in order to be human again. Perhaps you are one of those in search of a good life, of a decent income etc, I am here to tell you that I understand the importance of that , but I also need you to hear me out when I say, "out there, some people are barely surviving", and all they need is for you and me to do our best and try to support them to get a fair deal, after all we are using other tax payers money. I will be sharing more on this in my blogs and field stories.

Work Experience

Oct 2022 - Feb 2023

June  - Sept 2022

WASH Project Management Delegate, NLRC, South Sudan

Supported South Sudan Red Cross in launching process of a chronic crises WASH project in Terekeka County. The location is known for cattle keepers, SGBV, lack of access to safe water, low literacy rates, poor road networks and generally lazy people. I learnt a lot from the villages I visited and was humbled to see the huge needs that remain very basic to human life and was left wondering how far South Sudan will go. At the time of the Pope Francis visit I was still in Juba.

WASH Officer, IOM, Ethiopia

Was such a heartbreaking experience seeing how nomadic people were losing their livestock which is their ultimate source of income. I was amazed at the distances the people walk in search of pasture and water. The struggle was real, the diversity was interesting, Ethiopia so loved.

April 2021 - June 2022

Field Delegate, Swiss Red Cross, Sudan

I was amazed at how people in the desert villages were able to dig very deep wells and line them. These wells were an average 60m and often equipped with solar pumping systems. The generosity of the people left me in awe. I also met the love of my life - hopefully forever he will be with me.

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