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I figured out that one of the most popular humanitarian way of addressing access to water supply is through drilling or rehabilitation of boreholes. I found

this website quite provoking and I encourage a serious thought on that. 

Having said that, my experience says :-

- are people willing to burn in the sun checking all the drilling steps?

- Is pumping test for so many hours really followed?

- Who are the main owners of drilling rigs?

- How much capacity do communities really have? How about the Engineers themselves?

Some food for thought, and I believe so worth while, One love!

Hot WASH dishes

Find out

here we are

Here I  try to share some hot WASH  discussions, just snapshots to provoke the reader with the hope that we could share our different experiences and help shape the WASH humanitarian response work in a much acceptable way for all the "stakeholders " involved as we often want to refer to them.

WASH technical topics

Areas I have interest in developing

I think a lot around 

- WASH minimum standards

- WASH Cluster coordination 

- Boreholes as a source of water

- Climate change adaptation

- Funding in WASH

- WASH humanitarian tools and documentation

- Reporting

Cross cutting Issues

Needless to mention that I am often struggling with which profile I am comfortable to work with and why is it like this for me.

Mote of this in upcoming articles and blogs.

Borehole Pumping Tests
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