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Black Kawaja

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

The people in South Sudan and Sudan refer to a white person as Kawaja - could be more east African countries use this term as well. The surprise comes when you are as black as I am and people refer to you as "black Kawaja". When I asked my white friends what they understood from being referred as Kawaja, there some of the responses I got

- " I thought they were pointing that I am a white foreigner"

- " I always think they are saying I am forthright and taking no nonsense"

- " I thought they meant I have money and I could support them"

- " I told them I understood it means master, or lord and asked if that's what they wanted to call me, and obviously not". So I just took that I am their master

- " I thought

I was wondering whether in white dominated places the people have a way to refer to a black person and how a white person who behaves black is referred to as.

Here in Sudan they call me "black kawaja" and when I interrogated what they meant, I got a lot of interpretations

- I have the power to approve on behalf of the donor

- I behave timely and time to time shout

- I am myself

I have since refused to be called "black kawaja", I prefer to be Placidia who is black. In fact I am actually thinking how racist that remark can be and it could way be that as black people we are in reality more racist than the white persons themselves....maybe I am wrong.

Greetings from Sudan and one love!

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