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Who is Placidia?

Last week my uncle paid me a visit, we had a great chit chat, one I will always cherish. He is one man who likes creating meaningful bonding and surprisingly he wants to do that even with my children. He made me realize how time is flying and how by each day the children are growing. During the discussion, he told me that some people do not understand me, in the sense that I am very direct, and few people can comprehend that.

Today I randomly selected people within my small circle, and I asked “ what type of personality I present to them and below some of the responses.

  • When i first met you, you kinda confused me - outward appearance vs inwards, outwards you look strict, no nonsense, everything by the book, straight talker as well. Then when I got to know you, you are still a straight talker - which is something I like because what's the point in lying to each other, but you are also very caring, warm, considerate. You have a refreshing way of looking at things.....this person could write a book about me.

  • Dedicated.

  • Kkkk ( is this an answer my good people ?)

  • Perfectionist and strict but at the same time easy going, open and direct, confident, do not tolerate nonsense ( please take a personality test)

  • Professional and candid

  • The beautiful crazy woman I met in my life

  • Free spirit, open person, fun loving, nurturing, ethical, goal oriented, open minded, lover of excellent standards truth and transparency, confident , self-assertive

  • E.g?

  • Outgoing, confident, kind, and generous. Eccentric 😊, comfortable in your own skin, loving, oh so loving, honest, and forthright.- ( who made you feel insecure)

  • Free to talk to, sociable, rich, and humble. You also want things to be done, whatever is done you want it to yield fruitful results, in a nutshell.

  • You are a nice , honest person with a good character, but you are easily angered by bad characters. You need to learn to handle people who offend you and to know that not all people out there are good people.

What I found crazy is that people do not care about your flaws, they care about your good side, at least as long as its in your face. Some even wondered from where all this was coming. Others were like one word and move your ass. I felt so honored and worth living more days with all the positivity overload that I got.

Indeed, I go out there trying to give and get the best, I criticize, I believe in hard work, I believe in people, however I do not believe at all in the current systems.

It is indeed not possible to learn anyone and get to really know them 100%, but for those that have encountered me, they had that to say.

From my side, today is another day, I am in Mutare, thinking about my children and worrying about what dangers they could be facing in my absence, but asking God to protect them for me. I not only ask through prayer, but from how I handle those I meet and try my best in my circumstances.

One love, until I can say who I really am!

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