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Bulgaria, 29 June 2023

When I announced to my 4 children that I will be going to Bulgaria, they all had many questions and curiosity. They wanted to know where it is, what are the interesting things to do there, what is found etc, but not necessarily why I was going there. Perhaps because they are so used to me globe trotting and coming back for work, hence they assumed its work.

The night before I left, I asked them to make me a list of what each of them wanted, in addition, to collectively write me a note on the shopping list which will remind me of the moment I left them.

Vimbi, my second child, second daughter took up the task of writing the letter, without necessarily asking the inputs of others about what they wanted me to hear and below was her assumptions for everyone.

I believe that everything she wrote is true to all of them. Recently I had a fall out with her bigger sister and days letter she said to me “mum, you should never beat Ruva if she lies or does anything bad, just punish her, otherwise she will die, I don’t want to see her in pain,,,.

Vimbi plays a role in the home of bringing us together, her smile shines so bright that all our problems varnish at it. We are so blessed to have such a young talented unifier and lover of love.

As I start on this short trip to Bulgaria, I am filled with a lot of gratitude and curiosity on behalf of my children as well. I hope to bring some stories and collection of memories that I can share and inspire them.

One love!

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