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@ the bus stop

I have left my home many a times, going out there and looking forward to a fresh air. As I journey along, usually to places unknown, I often take stops at different places. I grew up travelling by bus and the only stop I know is a “bus stop”. So, during my travels, be it by car, airplane, foot, you name it, I make way for the bus stop. Usually there are people, perhaps travelling just like me, making their stop and looking forward to new persons and new energy and I have met so many of them.

During the coffee discussions, usually the coffee ten times more expensive than the normal price, I realized that all people experience difficulties, they have deficiencies, they look forward to a life often non-existent, they search a sense of importance, but the reality, which often hit me hard, is that “my hard is so much better and that there is nothing perfect out there”.

It’s been some time since I had a bus stop conversation, but one time I had friends making a surprise visit and we sat in my lounge. The conversations there were familiar, as if to say I have heard them repeatedly. I was surrounded by a group of girls /women and all I could see was the search for a happy relationship. The messy relations that women stomach really got to me and the trap of not being able to leave because there is no other choice.

Today I am dreaming of my next stop and looking forward to real new people, with real new news, and hoping that it can be refreshing and different. If not, I will be happy to come back blog and keep you updated on how similar or vain our life is.

Here is to my next bus stop and hopefully in a place full of nature, aside from the people. One love!

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