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my kitchen table

As I was growing up, I never knew that there is a place called a table which I would one day value so much as I do today. For me the table is a place which can bring family together during mealtimes to share something specific and particular to its identity. We grew up eating from the same plate and seated on the floor and we would fight over food most of it was what was not enough to fill our stomachs, and this went on for years, maybe 15. Once we had a table at home, it was so beautiful we rarely used it for meals, however it was a place to decorate the home. With time as we grew independent and I had my life and until recently as I am raising 4 beautiful children, I learnt a lot from travelling about a place for everything and including “a table for eating”. In my home food is eaten from the table and often it’s a place we keep clean and well presented for any meal, big or small, special or ordinary. It’s a place we instill manners (no talking with food in the mouth, no whistling with tea in the mouth, not this not that. It is also a place where we discuss our fears, our future plans and our wildest dreams. It is a place for me where we dream and dream on, but importantly where we define our family to be different from yours – the value system of my family, my home, is centered around our beautiful second hand bought teak and glass table. Where is your home value system built from? One love!

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