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my WASH "mafia" - note of gratitude

In case my actions have not expressed enough, here is to my WASH folks who have been and still are a part of my professional journey. @Wim Klaassen, to the belief you had in taking me on my first humanitarian assignment, and the big lesson on proposal writing to attract donors, I will forever value you and Quest Consult. @Sandra Eigenheer, for recognizing my potential and offering me a job within the Red Cross , you just don't know and more importantly for being my sister. @Jan Heeger - my once in a lifetime friend, you are amazing and to your insisting on the importance of studying, I owe it to you. @Paul-Henri Bourlon, thanks for being my teacher, my excel improved dramatically, you are the best. @Daniela Codeluppi - you have always believed and pushed me to the limit, you taught me to fight. Thanks as well for being the one to bring me to Europe for the first time ever! To the @ICRC WATHAB mafia ( @Melisa Bonzo - you encouraged me to keep my cool all the time, @Wilson Munyaradzi - for all the mapping and laughter and @Johnson Kwangware for making my stress your stress, I am proud of where you are today). @Mike Wolf for guiding me during my first international mission and also encouraging me to keep my cool - I love you. @Noor Pwani - for being the Africa Region WASH eye - I know that years can go by but when we discuss its all a blast. To all the WASHIES around the world I have worked with, you are ever amazing. One love!

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