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Out with the old, in with the new - my definition of love is different.

1st Corinthians chapter 13 talks broadly and loudly almost clearly about love and it looks to simple, and everyone's wishes to receive once in their lifetime. The problem for me is not the receiving, but the expectation to receive when in reality we are not willing to pay the cost of giving. Love requires labor, it is hard work, it is selfless, it just gives.

The Catholics melt my heart a lot especially when they sing about love, they often get to me as if they would crack the earth and open the heaven.... Pane chido nerudo, pane chido nerudo, Mwari aripo, pane chido nerudo (where there is passion and love, there God is). Passion and love move mountains and can get us to whatever, wherever, whichever, whomever we want.

When ideas, thoughts, reflections, pay me a visit and I decide to pen it down and hope that one person will read and be inspired, I call that love and it does not matter in whose hands/head/heart it winds down with. Today I am inspired to give love my way, to just write down nothing at all, to be grateful and hopeful for a better world. A world where war, corruption, climate change, disasters etc. become history. A world where people live together as one, a world where lies are a shame to present to the people. A world where those in power recognize their privilege and use it as such.

My passion and love go to the wounds that go unhealed, the tears that stay inside, the oppression that we may never challenge, the hypocrisy which we know we should stop, that whoever can change will change for the better of their environment and for the sake of love.

Until the next inspiration, ,,,one love!

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Wow this is a good piece of writing very interesting. Thank you for a unique reminder about love❤️

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