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Yesterday I had a dry cough, soar throat. Covid-19 came to my mind - yet to confirm results in 24hours if I have covid. I shared this story with a close friend and surprise surprise he brought me a gift - Garad. See pictures below so you can see this magic medicine which reminded of my late grandmother.

Instructions - Soak a portion of the seeds in an average glass of water, let it soak half an hour, drain the juice and do this 3 times daily. I have done 4 doses and I must say dry cough is gone, so is the soar throat....Wow Africa our rich land!

Thanks as well to my newly found friend for the hand massage and nail polishing I feel healed. Being in foreign land is never easy especially when one falls sick, but knowing that there are people who care no matter where we are heals the soul.

For those in similar situations, take courage and if in Sudan and you have flue, please try Garad ( hoping I spelled it rightly :)

One love!

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