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Why are bills passed? Do we really have partnerships?

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Today I decided to go alongside my thoughts on how short-changed I feel the people are on issues that pertain to their lives. Like one day someone (likely a man) wakes up and they think a mini-skirt or trouser is not good for a woman. No problem with this type of thinking and rational, the problem is to think by passing a bill against such dressing without the consultation of the women themselves then the world problems are resolved. Surely the people who represent us in parliament have the power to represent us ut it seems suddenly they shift this into the power to decide for us, however I am just thinking the world ought to have a different way of changing how rules are made and who makes them.

All my life I have observed that rules are made in the oddest of places - mainly over alcoholic drinks in some nice pubs or restaurants just by a privileged few. These people are so powerful due to the positions they gained , however they gained them that one dares oppose them.

In my humanitarian circle I often feel that governments or so called partners are held at ransom because basically they have to dance the tune of the one who brings the money.

Engaging civil society or partners is a good on paper, in reality I often see something else.

Today the love of my life was the whole day busy with the youth trying to engage them on how they can address issues that affect them without having to jump into the streets. Today's democracy teaches us that the solutions are in the streets and this is actually wrong. My hope is that one day the solutions of this world are not in papers, not in statistics, not on TV, not with the institutions but rather with the POVO (people of various opinions).

I look forward to a world where everyone is free and not intimidated by all this paperwork of centuries, it is doing more harm than good.

Anyhow folks, today I am in this kinda mood, let's see tomorrow how and what I feel, ay be I refine this blog , maybe i make a movement of the faithful, maybe I just let it lie.

One love!!!!!.

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